I Blend earnestness and irreverence for brands

Eric Blumenfeld

Creative Director / Strategist / Copywriter

A few things

you should know about me, and a few you probably shouldn’t…


I’ve designed, and written copy for, successful brand campaigns for Fortune 500s, non-profits, semi-profits and my own niche travel startup…which, for a time, felt like a non-profit.


I’ve got a knack for creating resonant stories outside of my personal passion points. To wit: 

  • I wrote and sold a high-profile Starbucks holiday campaign concept… despite my penchant for overspending in local cafes.
  • I directed the design, and wrote on-air copy, for ESPN’s award-winning Rose Parade float…despite my zero knowledge (at the time) of the craft.
  • I wrote and sold a concept for Teremana tequila…despite my post-college inability to drink this variety of spirit.
  • I co-designed and wrote all copy for an award-winning Meow Mix marketing tour…despite my palpable, um, apathy towards cats. 
  • I founded and wrote all marketing pieces for Beerspoke Travel, a beer culture-focused travel company despite…actually, yeah, I do love craft beer.

Rising Pop Star

I was briefly a member of a competitive karaoke team, which turned out to be as weird as it sounds. Top 3 jams, in no particular order: Walking in Memphis (Marc Cohn), End of the Road (Boyz II Men) and OPP (Naughty by Nature).

No Caffeine Stimulus Needed

I live in NYC with my wife Emery, my daughter Ruby, and a collective volume turned up to 11.

Young at Heart (and On Calendar)

I was born on February 29th, and am really enjoying my second go-around as a pre-teen.