Strategic Narrative & OBJECTIVE

Zelle empowers all of your group travel and gifting desires

Zelle was looking to pivot their brand narrative, to showcase that they are not simply a money-sharing tool, but are instead the enabler of group travel and gifting. I teamed up with another Creative Strategy Director to conceive and write the pitch for a large-scale, always-on program combining Vox Media editorial and custom content, allowing Zelle to own both the group travel and gifting conversations across New York Magazine and Thrillist.

Custom Social

Wander Together Thrillist content desk

We created a Thrillist microsite to house 30+ articles, all curated to align with Zelle's priority themes, and featuring guidance from a dedicated Thrillist editor on myriad aspects of group travel adventures.

Custom Written

Unwritten Rule of Gifting, NY Mag article

I conceived and wrote this concept, leading to a featured custom New York Magazine article. Unlike our content desk, which featured fully editorial pieces and, therefore, could only be thematically aligned, this article was fully customized and directly promoted Zelle’s utility as the perfect money-gifting tool.

My pitch write-up