strategic narrative & Objective

“top off” audience excitement for the new starbucks holiday cold foam

Starbucks approached us to promote their new line of Holiday Cold Foam coffee beverage toppers. After researching key audience insights, I conceived and wrote our big idea, called “Top It Off”—along with all content concepts—to show that even the most perfect things in life (in this case, coffee beverages and holiday traditions) can be made even more perfect with just the right additions.

Custom Social

IG Reels on Eater, PS, The Cut & Thrillist

We created 4x visually stunning and narratively captivating IG Reels, to live across 4x Vox Media networks, each featuring a different influencer “topping off” their network-aligned holiday traditions (recipe, makeup, style, and travel) and their favorite Starbucks beverage with a different Holiday Cold Foam flavor.

Custom Written

Starbucks interactive article on POPSUGAR

We created a beautiful and fully interactive personality quiz article for our POPSUGAR audience, so they could take it upon themselves to learn which of the Starbucks Holiday Cold Foams best fits their holiday persona.

My pitch write-up